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Mid Back Pain  

Mid back pain can come from many causes
If there is no reported direct trauma or injury to the mid back, this type of symptom is usually caused by a spinal joint dysfunction/ misalignment involving one or more of the thoracic vertebra. These joint dysfunctions are typically only diagnosed by chiropractors through a process called palpation or feeling the spine.

Poor posture in many cases is the cause of mid back pain. So in treating mid back pain posture is often evaluated and exercises given to strengthen the core muscles of the body to support better posture.

Another cause of mid back pain is rib involvement. Anatomically, the thoracic spine (middle back) attaches to the ribs. If a blunt force affects the ribs, even if the force occurred in the front part of the body, mid back back pain may be felt because the muscles between the ribs were irritated. Sometimes this can occur when the patient has twisted and bent sideways while lifting or pushing something. Often patients will remark that they have difficulty with full breaths.

Chiropractic is an affective way to treat mid back pain. Treatment will consists of spinal and rib manipulations to the thoracic spine to restore normal joint motion. Masasge, ice, heat, electrostimuation and other modalities can also be used to help reduce the pain and swelling associated with mid back pain.